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I'm so bored.
Ill, stuck in bristol with a cold/throat infection/headache is not fun.
I'm really really really bored.
Did I mention I was bored?

I guess I could have jazzed this up, as I haven't posted for ages/ but I don't have the energy.
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It was going to happen someday..
Shaun and I had our first argument. It's going to sound ridiculous but here goes..

Fall Out Boy & Boys Like Girls are playing at Birmingham NEC on Sunday, I was moaning about how much I wanted to go (no, I'm not ashamed.. I love them both) Tonight I recieved a text saying "I just got a free Fall Out Boy ticket, I know what I'm doing on sunday!"
I had just booked my train ticket to see him which ended up being way more expensive than I previously thought.. and when I rang him he kept up the pretense that he was going and there was loads of shrieking in the background. I was pretty upset that it seemed he was fucking off to Birmingham without me so I hung up- bad move.
He was kidding, I overrected (though he definitely made it seem like he was doing the asshole-ish thing of going and leaving me at his alone)..so we had words.
His friend Lucy randomly offered him her ticket, he didnt turn it down even though he wasn't actually going to go without me.. on the off chance I could get my hands on one.

I'm not ashamed to say that I love Fall Out Boy. I know every single one of their songs.. except the new two which I'm going to play over and over until I know them because I'm bidding for a ticket on ebay. I just put in a bid of £45. ouch. I guess I wouldn't mind paying that..I'd say they'd be my second favourite band to see after Muse, though I have seen Muse play countless times.

Oh god, Thriller.

Nobody apart from me is going to be stupid enough to pay £45+ are they? & Boys Like Girls.. accccceeee...

"So long live the car crash hearts, cry on the couch all the poets come to life, fix me in forty five."

Hopefully this will make up for the crazy stint I pulled earlier. Though I'm not sure I can be blamed for taking what he meant the wrong way, after all he did say it..

no matter, 58 seconds to go.. I am so getting this..

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I spoke to C yesterday- he called me whilst I was at Nick's.
We were watching a band and he was just about to go on and play but then the call came through.. it was a number I didn't recognise but had the Austrian country code so I had to take it. I missed half of his set because he was only on for about 25 mins- yeh.. don't feel so good about that.

It was just a friendly chat about nothing in particular- how his lessons are going, he really likes teaching the youngest kids and how he's kind of looking forward to the season ending because he's restless. I did have to dash to the bathroom after and swallow down my tears. I didn't cry, but I did get really over emotional later on that night.. When Nick & I were in bed, post-sex my mind wouldnt stop spinning and I had all these images of stabbing myself in the stomach and bleeding to death- it was most weird. Must mention here that I don't self harm at all so no worries there.

Bath is such a beautiful place- minus the building work.
I'm such a Bristol girl but I have really fallen for the bath Charm. The architecture is stunning, great turrets, spires, and magnificent Victorian houses. The shops are great, so quirky and boutiquey but there is a Topshop to satisfy my hunger!

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Jake Shillingford play in Bath. He's playing in Bath & staying with us I think, and Nick's playing acoustic for him. His Mum is coming too, so I have to watch the gig with her. I'm more than a little nervous- but apparently she's one of those cool Mothers that he talks to about everything.. sex, drugs & rock & roll. Not that she approves, but she trusts him & accepts everything. So differnt from my parents.
We're driving back to her house in Glasonbury friday evening and staying there for the weekend.

I've hardly seen any of my Bristol pals- we went to Halo on Sunday and Prom on Tuesday so i have to make the effort tonight - even though i have work until 10 tonight and just want to sleeeeep- and go to Propaganda.

In better news my room is spotless! Mother is buying me some new curtains and hopefully some prints for my wall. I really really really want a print of Byron Bay or Melbourne. There's this look-out point high high up on the outskirts of the city towards Avalon Airport. C took me there in the day, and then again at night. It looks out to the city, high riders.. but it looks magical at night with all the lights.. in the day it looks awesome too because of the smog & like a new world emerging from the clouds..
That and The Eiffel Tower, Kate Moss in her underwear or maybe a Firework display.

One of my (i don't know if you would go as far as calling it this but it works for me!) talents is listening to a piece of music and being able to just sing it back perfectly.. melody if it's classical plus lyrics if there are. It's taken about 3 listenings of Jake Shillingfield's album and I can now sing along. Good..
Really gorgeous acoustic guitar & piano with rather haunting lyrics.
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French and Saunders are seriously hilarious.

I think Dawn French would be on my 'most wanted dinner guest list' for sure. Oh go on.. let's add Jennifer in too.

I'm drinking wine by myself waiting for my friends to call so we can go to a party. Grrr, where are they. At least this very delicious 2006 Chardonnay (oh my t-total mother buys wine based on the prettiest bottle. It invariably tastes like urine) will keep me going for a while.

I have no books to read, travesty! I want to go to Waterstones and pick up some top 10 bestsellers... lack of funds is hindering this greatly.

Bring on my student loan.

I miss C so much. I'm trying to get over it though, he's unattainable. Geography not permitting anything other than a long distance infatuation.
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Do you have different sets of friends, perhaps a group at home and a group at university, or from different activities etc
Would they all get on with eachother?
Yes, and no I really don't think all of them would get on. This sounds a bit rude, but my main group of friends a home are collectively a lot cooler than my uni friends, who are a random merge of personalities. You don't get that rank system at uni mean girls style, so people seem to slot together easier.

Are you/do you know any hypocondriacs? tell me about that...
I think I used to be one. I went away for the weekend with a good friend of mine who absolutely adored complaining about every little thing that was wrong with her, and she went absolutely mental over a bee sting because she claimed she might be allergic.. she wasn't. Also she's always said she's allergic to nuts, she accidently ate something with nuts in and guess what.. nothing happened.

What's the most embarassing thing about your body?
I have a seriously small bladder. If I don't go to the toilet as soon as I need it then I get verrrry desperate very fast.

Most annoying habit someone can posess?
I think it's got to be chamming.. chewing with one's mouth open.

Saddam Hussein.

I don't like it one little bit that we, as a society, are closing the old new year and beginning the new one with Saddam Hussein's execution. I feel it's a massive step back. Whatever awful inhumane things he did should be justly punished but there is nothing on this earth that can punish him enough. It's not even about what he did, because I do think he was a wicked man and the point i'm making isn't that he deserves any less but it makes me awfully sad and angry that this form of punishment is still thought of as right. Most countries have abolished capital punishment so why can't the rest of the world? It's no step forward, what good will it do to kill in punishment? Nothing. It takes more money to get through all the legalities that surround a death sentance [im talking in America with the *great and fair* legal system] than to keep that prisoner locked up for the rest of their life. All I can think of is the victim's [death row = just murder i'm assuming] families may have some peace of mind to know that the murder had the same fate as their loved one, but I honestly honestly would get NO peace of mind, no closure from knowing that the death penelty worked it's magic and wham someone else is dead, that's the end of it.

It's not the message we should give out when all we can hope and strive for is peace throughout the world.
I've posted about this before but It never ceases to shock me and fill me with horror.
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I am resigned to the fact this christmas will be a shitty ill one spent on on the sofa surrounded by my own black cloud of bad mood.

I was meant to go carol singing tonight but alas, I am sitting here in the study typing this listening to them on my road. They do sound pretty... but not pretty enough to inject any festive spirit into me.

The last few days have been horrible. I am overwhelmed by tissues and cough medicine and pain killers *cough* All night I was up... well not all night but mostly all night, wheezing and coughing up crap. Wonderful. All i'm fit for spreading is holiday cheer to you all in the form of germs...

I havent even done one bit of christmas shopping myself. I asked Dan to get Max's Razorlight album hwich he kindly did for me as I gave him some good adive for Libby's christmas present.
Max had to take my bank card round to the local bookshop early this morning to pick up and pay for the *last* copy of the Planet Earth book.

Cotham School Xmas Reunion pissup tonight, im sick and I shouldn't go but I think I may venture out for an hour if I can get lifts there and back. Baaaad idea. I look vile.
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